Fangoria – “Canciones Para Robots Románticos” (2016)

What came in this week is the vinyl edition to Fangoria’s Canciones Para Robots Romanticos and I have to say that from a collector and fan standpoint, the vinyl is just incredible. This is an album that I don’t want to tell you a story with…yes, I love my stories; but let’s just talk about this album. Released on 180 Gram vinyl, the gatefold cover is beautiful. The inner sleeve has two gorgeous photos one both sides, one side is Alaska and the other side is Nacho. Also included is a pull-out sheet with the lyrics and a copy of the CD. This is how vinyl should be released. I think that music fans could be fine with just taking the digital copies; but as a fan of Fangoria, the vinyl is pure perfection. They didn’t spare any expense on giving their fans what they want.

We originally purchased the album digitally because we wanted to hear the music right away and didn’t want to wait until the album arrived from Spain; so we have had time to digest the music and sounds from “Canciones Para Robots Romanticos”. Compared to the previous albums, the music keeps going more and more to that gay club vibe. There isn’t a song that couldn’t be turned into a club single. When I think about Fangoria, it does go hand in hand with gays and club music; so it is no surprise that this album flows that direction too. During my discussions about the album, we’ve mentioned that the music found on the album keeps us guessing on how the actual song flows. My wifey who is a trained musician can normally sing or hum along after one listen because music is normally predictable. This album is not and for that, we like what we hear; it’s not the same old song.

Fangoria fans don’t have anything to complain about here. The group created an album that represents them musically and I can’t wait to see the type of concerts that they perform for this album. “Canciones Para Robots Romanticos” is an album that pop fans around the world can get into, no matter the language. You can dance along, you can sing or hum…it’s catchy and another perfect addition to Fangoria’s discography.

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