Belinda – “Utopia” (2006)

There are Belinda fans and their music fans that like Belinda’s music; I am the latter of the two or at least the hits with a few extras. With Belinda’s second studio album UTOPIA, fans decided who they were too; you either loved her or liked her. I know many who took the love route with Belinda and are die-hard fans. My opinion on Belinda in general is she is cool and I enjoy listening to her music, especially Utopia.

Utopia gives fans two sides of Belinda, the rocker and the cute pop star. Songs like “Bella Tracion” show the girl can rock out and if this was the only song I heard, I would think her genre was a straight-up rock. She even rocks out in a power ballad with the song, “Alguien Mas” which has very hard drums and guitars in the chorus. She takes the genre by the balls and scores with great classic rock hits…but then the little girl steps out in traditional pop icon songs like “Noche Cool” and “Good Good”. When I hear this side of Belinda, I shrug it off as she is trying to be like all the other girls pop stars that are out at the same time.

Belinda’s Utopia shows a rocker and a pop icon

Because Belinda can do both pop and rock so well and so seamlessly, the album is coherent and doesn’t sound like the album is trying to be both. Even though pop songs with Belinda half rapping have a solid rock edge to them. In 2007, Belinda issued a special edition, Utopia2 in which she added a few English songs, as well as a new Spanish song. Depending on which country you got your album from, you might have different tracks, including a European version of the album. While I have the digital version of the Utopia2 extra songs, the version I own is the Mexican edition that a friend got autographed for me (which is shown above).

Overall, Utopia is a pretty good album and is probably my favorite album out of her four studio albums.

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