Rawy Torres – “Tributo A Menudo Acustico” (2016)

Good Morning Peeps and welcome to another “New Music Friday”. When I found out this album came out today, I made sure I was up early to be one of the first to promote and discuss. Right now, Menudo and its members have been everywhere with their reunion tour, so they have been very active on our website. Today, Rawy Torres releases a Menudo tribute album on the streaming service Spotify.

Even during his time in Menudo, Rawy Torres had always been seen with a guitar in his hand and was given the chance to play acoustic sets during Menudo concerts; so it was a no-brainer to see his newest album was acoustic. Because Rawy returned to his Menudo roots with the reunion concert this past February, he is just as nostalgic as the fans for the music that he grew up with. The acoustic tribute to Menudo makes you realize that Rawy hasn’t changed much; so if you loved him during Menudo, you would definitely love him now.

I particularly was a Rawy fan, having met him many times in Los Angeles, and he was always my favorite during the “Los Ultimos Heroes” era; mostly because I loved his voice. Despite being so young, his voice was deep and intense, and felt like it had dominance during this solos. I can tell you, the voice is the same. When I heard Robert Avellanet (co-member) for the first time after he was all grown up, I couldn’t tell it was Robert. The voice was completely different. With Rawy, you know it is him.

If you loved Rawy Torres in Menudo, you’d love him now

On “Tributo A Menudo”, Rawy Torres covers the majority of the music from 1981-1983, which was considered to be the best years of Menudo’s career. He starts with one of the group’s most popular songs, “Claridad.” The second track, I don’t consider a Menudo song, “Voulez-Vous,” which is an ABBA cover (though Menudo covered the song in 1981 in Spanish). I probably would have skipped recording this song for the album because while Menudo fans might say it is a Menudo song, music fans, and critics will say he stuck an ABBA song in the middle of a Menudo album. Don’t get me wrong; it is a great cover with a hint of flamenco to it and Rawy made a great ABBA tribute song on this album.

Rawy ratio of ballads to pop songs is spot on, and the placement of them are pretty perfect. He chose “Por Primera Vez” as the song from his era, which was one of his solos. It isn’t the first time Rawy took his songs and brought them back to life. “Solamente Tu” was released on his first album, Por Si De Amor Se Trata. I feel he should have done at least one of the faster songs from his era, or even spread out the decades and given all Menudo fans something to reminisce over like something from Draco Rosa’s time, but I am sure he is trying to grab the biggest fan base of Menudo out there. It’s hard with an indie album. You need to get the biggest crowd you can get.

Rawy Torres, joined Menudo in 1989, replacing Ricky Martin; but left early in 1991 when the group’s management was is turmoil over accusations of several issues, When he left the group, he joined another boyband, Euphoria, but the group was not as successful as Menudo. In 1999, Rawy recorded his first solo album, Por Si De Amor Se Trata. He has recently been spending most of his time in Florida, singing and performing locally.

“Tributo A Menudo” is a pretty good piece of Menudo history and it seems well recorded. Musically and vocally, the album is great, and you couldn’t ask for much more except for an actual physical CD or LP. Menudo fans are so nostalgic that they still have all their buttons, dolls, and posters; AND they still have all their albums. Rawy, do it please…make sure this is pressed to actual CD or vinyl.

Rawy Torres can be followed on Twitter @RawyTorres.

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