Monica Naranjo – “Lubna” (2016)

Monica Naranjo’s new album “Lubna” is quite a departure from the “normal” Monica Naranjo sound. What does that mean exactly? Well, looking back at previous albums like Tarantula, Adagio, and 4.0, you might think this doesn’t sound all that different in the grand scheme of things. And while I would tend to agree with you, I can honestly say that this album is such a large progression from where she was just a few years ago that it will take a lot of people by surprise.

From beginning to end (and that is how you should listen to it), each track progresses into a larger story from birth to death. The album is a story and once you come into it from that angle, it definitely makes it easier to digest. The music is definitely reminiscent of Tarantula and 4.0. I consider this to be a rock opera, and from first listen to current listen it is still a rock opera. This style of music isn’t for everyone, but it is amazing from beginning to end. Each song is part of the bigger story, and not a lot of artists tell a tale like this through their music, which I lament.

What can I say about the music itself? It’s very industrial, yet classic, and very uniquely Monica. She interwove a couple of duets with Marina Heredia, and her father, Jaime Heredia, and both are very traditional Spanish, flamenco tracks, but fit right into the overall picture.

I believe Monica Naranjo is a big enough artist with Sony that they gave her quite a bit of leeway in experimenting, and I firmly believe that this album will change her future albums. I know I am excited to see where she goes and what the future entails for her.

Is this album worth a listen? Absolutely, but keep in mind, if you are wanting the “traditional” Monica Naranjo album, you will be disappointed. Go into it with an open mind and give it a headphone listen and really listen. You might find yourself enjoying it in spite of yourself.

2 thoughts on “Monica Naranjo – “Lubna” (2016)

  1. Glad to see and read an English review like such. Mónica Naranjo is by far an ANAZING ARTIST. Lubna to me is as magical and mysterious as her hypnotizing voice.


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