Mafer Chavana – “A Volar Tributo A Menudo” (2015)

Tribute albums and covers are all the craze right now and it’s kinda cool to see someone finally create a Menudo Tribute album. After 38 years of existence, Menudo’s music is finally getting some recognition on the world of Latin pop music and the idea that it is not as dated as one might think. In 2001 and 2008, the Mexican rock band Moderatto recorded covers of “Quiero Rock” and “Gafas Oscuras” for their albums and was the album to bring the 80’s music to a new crowd. Now, we have Mafer Chavana trying to do the same thing with a full album dedicated to the group Menudo.

While Mafer wasn’t even born while Menudo was together as a group, the 13-year-old decided that she was going to be a fan enough to be associated with the group’s history. That is one thing Menudo has always been able to do is bring girls as fans. In 1982, Menudo had a super fan who recorded original songs based on the guys; Karla Maria had minor musical fame singing songs about the guys and the group, dedicating her “friendship” to them. In 1989, we saw this again as Toti from the Mexican pop group Microchips recorded a song dedicated to then-new member Angelo. Now Mafer Chavana is capitalizing on the fans and success of the group by her album “A Volar”.

How good can a 13-year-old be when she hasn’t even developed her vocal cords enough to sound anything but a 13-year-old? Forget the chipmunk vocals, the updated music for Menudo’s songs is awesome and it proves that Menudo isn’t just a product of the ’80s. I am sure that anyone would think the same that Menudo’s music can be revived and brought to today’s radio if we could just get the right person singing the songs. As a special treat and probably a marketing ploy, both Rene Farrait and Charlie Massó perform duets on the album. The lyrics have been updated just a tad to fit today’s lifestyles and Mafer’s age and gender; but for the most part, this album is musically awesome. Even if we get to giggle a little at Charlie Massó trying to rap in the new version of “A Volar”.

As a Menudo fan, it is nice to hear newer versions of Menudo’s music and especially the songs that Charlie and Rene recorded. I would so like to hear the guys back in the studio as a group and as soloists. Will there be more Menudo tribute albums in Menudo’s future? Yes, Rawy Torres (Menudo member from 1989-1991) announced on Twitter that he was working on a tribute to Menudo also. I think that much of this nostalgia is due to the members returning for the MenudoMania Forever tour that took place this year.

You can follow Mafer Chavana at @MaferChavana and Charlie Massó at @CMassoOficial

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