Santiago Cruz – “Equilibrio” Edicion Especial (2016)

Latin pop music isn’t always about dance hits. Sometimes, pop music can come in the form of a romantic Columbian, Santiago Cruz, who has made a living singing about love and romance. While this slower style of music has not always been my favorite and has had a home on my iPod; I can appreciate these type of artists. The world needs a little love too. In the early 80’s, I grew up with people like Manual Mijares and Emmanuel, who made millions swooning the ladies with their strong vocals and romantic lyrics. I think that now, we have artists like Santiago Cruz, who are doing that now.

Santiago Cruz has a place with an adult contemporary following.

I found Santiago Cruz from Sony Music Columbia’s twitter account and gave him a listen. The newest album available on Spotify is Equilibrio Edicion Especial. The original version of the album is not available for streaming, but I am sure that the Special Edition version is giving me everything I need to talk about the album and the artist. The first song off the album is “Nadie Nos Puede Romper” that had enough beats to it in order for me to know that Santiago does fit the “pop music” genre for the website; but the majority of the music I would classify as adult contemporary which tends to be a lot slower pace that a classic pop album.

Santiago recorded his first album in 2003 and has recorded five albums during these years and has also grabbed two Latin Grammy nominations for Best Singer/Songwriter Album and Recording of The Year for his album “Desde Lejos”. His music has a place in pop music with over his million followers on Twitter. Santiago knows how to work the music well and his voice blends well with slower beats. The special edition version of the album contains five additional tracks that are live versions of some of his songs from the album.

You can follow Santiago on Twitter at: @SantiCruz

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