Raquel Sofia – “Te Quiero Los Domingos” (2015)

I am not even sure how I found this album, but Raquel Sofia’s album Te Quiero Los Domingos is one of the newest albums that has a guaranteed place on our music rotation because it is everything I could ever want in a pop album. Te Quiero Los Domingos is a follow-up album to the digital-only album, Te Odio Los Sabados. The album contains the six songs from her debut mini-album, and an additional four songs to round out a complete album. She did not rerecord the original songs, just complimented them with more; keeping the sound very smooth. You can’t tell that this was put together at two different times.

Raquel Sofia, who hails from Puerto Rico, has been making a name for herself with this album, which allowed her to grab Latin Grammy nomination as Best New Artist. While she may be new headlining as herself, she is not new to the music scene as she has sung back-up vocals for Shakira, Jencarlos Canela, and even opened a couple of concerts for Juanes. This is nothing to scoff at as some new artists never even get off YouTube. Raquel Sofia brought some of the coolest songs in 2015 and I can’t believe that she is still producing fun videos for her fans of her singing and playing the guitar while sitting in her living room. It just means that she is still down to earth and hasn’t lost herself in fame that can go as fast as it started.

“It was really important for me to have songs that everyone can identify with, and have people say, “Oh my god, that song describes exactly what I’m feeling right now.”” – Raquel Sofia via an interview with Billboard

Te Quiero Los Domingos is not just available on digital formats like a lot of new artists, the singer has released this on CD too. Too bad I have not located a vinyl pressing of this as I am sure that a song like “Te Odio Los Sabados” would sound incredible on vinyl with its sultry vocals and classic blues sound. This track is one that slows down the pace of the album and stops us for bouncing in our seats, but for the most part, the album is full of great upbeat pop songs that can fit well on Top 40 radio. But don’t think of Raquel Sofia as just a great vocal, she wrote the songs on the album and wrote them from the heart.

The album is fresh and stays away from a lot of the gimmick that many artists play in order to get airplay and promotion, especially those strong urban sounds. It’s great to see an artist embracing pop music as a whole without jumping various genres to fit everyone’s palette. Bravo to Raquel Sofia!

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