“Tu” and more… A Year of Singles for Teen Idol Jary

The music world is full of people who want to be singers, especially teens. We have seen “teen idols” come up out of nowhere and record an album and rise to fame, just to fall flat when the hype wears or they grow some facial hair. But hey, I love me some cool boybands and boy idols who can turn out of couple of good pop tunes. I am a sucker for the youthful sounds just like Jary here.

Today, I have been spending my day on locating new music and new artists to check out and followed some new singers and bands that I want to explore further. Jary just happened to be on that list today. Then I get a DM on twitter, which we all know is automatically generated with links to videos and social media profiles. It is a good marketing ploy as it got me to click the link and watch the newest video by Jary, “Tu“.

There’s nothing overly special about the video that is going to earn some new reward for greatest video. It’s just a standard summer video that shows of his looks and his charm with a cute girl, who all his fans what to be. I am not a big fan of videos because I don’t sit in front of the computer screen staring at these young teen cuties. Just give me the song on my iPod (or preferably on CD) and it will get into my rotation if it good. And Jary’s “Tu” would instantly go into a permanent spot and that says a lot. Jary’s voice is pretty good and I can see why he has a huge following on social media.

Last year, Jary released 4 different singles in 2015; but nothing new this year. If this year is anything like last year, I can expect to see more singles popping up on places like Spotify. This is the digital age…It’s easier to just post one song at a time for a new artist like Jary to stay relevant. The attention spans of today’s youth need to see new music constantly versus getting a new album every year or two. So, Jary is doing what he needs to do and for the youth of today, he can stay around for a while; but for the true fans of music (and not artists), his one song will get lost in the 13,000 songs that share space in my music collection.

Actually, Jary has a full album out that was released last year too but I have not been able to find it on physical media like CD. Not even at Mix-Up online. It is possible this was only released digitally, so I may have to toss some money to the evil beast that is Apple to get more music from this teen pop star.

Check out Jary on Spotify…buy the music at iTunes… and follow his on Twitter at @Jaryoficial.


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