Paulina Rubio – “Si Te Vas” Single

While we seem to have gotten new music from Mexican pop diva, Paulina Rubio, over the years; we haven’t seen a full album since 2011. That makes almost 5 years that she has been resting on the success of “Brava”. Sadly, it was a horrible album that seemed like it was trying to compete with all the highly auto-tuned albums which came out around the same time. Paulina released “Bravisima”, an extended version of “Brava” that featured English singles that did nothing good for her career.

In 2015, what I loved about Paulina came back in “Mi Nuevo Vicio” and now “Si Te Vas” is here and I love it. Paulina has done away with the hype, gotten out of autotuning, and has returned to a classic pop sound that she does very well. Even the Reggaeton version featuring Alexis and Fido, is good as it grabs those fans of urban flavors.

If Paulina can keep up with this current sound, I know I will love the new studio album once it is released. In social media outlets, Paulina is not currently promoting a new album coming; she is only talking about the singles. This could mean that there is no current album planned, only singles. Oddly, this single is being produced by Universal Spain. Whatever the case, we will be watching Paulina’s musical future and are looking forward to more new music from Paulina.

You can follow Paulina Rubio on twitter at @PaulinaRubio


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