Dvicio – “Justo Ahora Y Siempre” (2015)

I think one of the greatest joys in life is finding new music; not only finding new music but find a new band that might just become one of your favorites. I think I have found this in a band called DVICIO. I originally found them on Spotify and I added their song, “Paraiso” to my playlist. Something recently caught my attention and told me to give them a full listen. I did!

Dvicio’s Justo Ahora is a wonderful addition to a music collection…

The album, “JUSTO AHORA” is the band’s newest album and they also released a deluxe edition that contains the eleven songs from the original album, as well as six extra songs and a DVD. The album catches your attention from the first song, “Paraiso”, which is such a great song. It really captures you and makes you want to continue listening. Each of the five songs after that continues with the great vibe and a sound that is similar to Columbian singer-songwriter Juanes but has just enough edge to capture that younger markets.

In the middle of the album, songs such as “17 Años” and “Adios Adios” are a tad slower and slows the pace of the album, but not in a bad way. The slower melodies keep with the band’s sound for great pacing. As soon as you pass those two songs, the next song “Desde Que Tu No Estas” is just fabulous. I can see this song becoming a success in the United States if the band moved into promotion here.

The band was formed in Madrid in 2005 under the name TIEMPO LIMITE and played together for fun until 2009 when they decided to perform as a professional band in festivals in Spain. It was in 2012 that the band changed directions and signed with Sony Music, they also changed their name to DVICIO. Their first release was “Paraisio” in 2014 and then the band released their first album, “JUSTO AHORA”, which was a huge success for them.

The deluxe edition contains four new songs and two English versions for a total of eighteen tracks for a wonderful addition to your DVICIO collection. The album is definitely worth the listen, but it seems a little hard to find in physical media. Digital versions of all the songs are available on Spotify, Amazon Music, and iTunes; but CD versions on eBay come from overseas and are a little pricey. I think it the album is worth the cost and wait to purchase from international sellers on eBay.

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