Julieta Venegas “Algo Sucede” (2015)

After reviewing the single, “Ese Camino”, I was looking forward to Julieta Venegas’s newest production Algo Sucede which was released on August 14, 2015, under Sony Music. While we could have worked directly from a preview copy of the album, we pre-ordered our downloads and had it ready for us on the release date.

My girlfriend is a huge Julieta Venegas fan and enjoys all her music daily on her iPod, but I have always been reserved with her. The songs have been hit or miss for me, but lately, I have been finding that I enjoy more of her songs than dislike and well… that is good, right. So, yeah I was looking forward to this album too because I really enjoyed “Ese Camino”. It is classic Julieta and has all the fun things I like about her music.

It is totally classic Julieta Venegas.

Now, don’t jump so fast. While “Ese Camino” is a great song and is worth the purchase or download, I don’t think the whole album is worth the full download as a whole. The beginning of Julieta Venegas’s Algo Sucede is almost perfect and pretty music flawless. If listening to the album as a whole, you get to the third and fourth song and you are completely loving this album. I haven’t found anything wrong with it. My favorite song is the title track, it is classic pop and has just a great beat and is fun to sing. I love it…

The fifth track, “Una Respuesta” throws my jam off a little back, but we are still good by the sixth track. “Buenas Noches, Desolacion” is pretty good. It is totally classic Julieta. You can’t go wrong. So, by now, you want to slap down your credit card and purchase this album, cos I know I want to, also. But wait…

The second part of the album is where I find the weak points. It seems that we go from good to bad, back to good, then back to bad. I guess I feel that the slower songs like “Porvenir” and “Todo Esta Aqui” are weak when it comes to ballads and it is sad that the album ends on such a downer. Overall, the album is definitely worth the buy…so go ahead and drop the $10-15 for the album, I am sure you will enjoy some pretty decent tunage from Julieta Venegas.

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