Morgana – “Morgana” (2014)

The quartet, Morgana, signed with Universal Music in 2014 after these four guys participated in the television reality show, La Voz Mexico. Rodrigo, Oliver, Hector, and Azael make up the boy band that released their first self-titled album last year. The boys chose the name “Morgana” after the powerful sorceress, who is the mother of art and uses music to charm people. And that is what the group’s PR people say in all the biographies of the group.

What we have in front of us is four guys, who are not pretty enough to be soloists so they made a boy band. I always say, “who doesn’t love a good boy band” and I mean it, but honestly, I don’t see Morgana getting much love from me. I do love boy bands, especially Latin ones. I was all about Menudo, Magneto, Uff, and even now CD9 and Urband5. But, Morgana isn’t giving me anything special. Why should I like you, Morgana?

The album starts off with three different slow pop ballads. I can’t tell if they want to be a pop band or a choral group. I think back at some good boy bands who give good ballads, like MDO. And the first three songs don’t impress me at all. The fourth track saves me from turning off the album. “Show Me The Way”, which is not an English song. It actually has a few words here and there in English, but for the most part, it is a decent upbeat pop track that makes sure you know they are a boy band.

Once you pass that track, we have another three slow tracks before we get another song with upbeat rhythms. “The Way That You Love Me” features Domino Saints and has a very urban feel to it. I don’t think that Morgana is all that bad, but they lack the charm that classic boy bands have and when you look at them, they scream something they are not. They classify themselves as a “vocal group”.

While we were unimpressed with our first listen to Morgana, we ask that you take a listen yourself to make your own decision. We can’t like everything.

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