Inmateria – “Inmateria” (2015)

Rock music is something that I am growing to like. Being raised on pop, the rock side of music has always fascinated me and over the last few years, I have been dabbling in both Latin and English rock music. I heard about this band from another music blog, HispanoRock, where they mentioned the Chilean rock band, Inmateria. I decided to give them a listen.

Inmateria requires a full track by track to listen to hear the art of the music.

Inmateria is a self-proclaimed, “prog rock” band with a female lead singer, whose voice reminds me of a Chicago nightclub singer in the 20’s or 30’s. The self-titled album is made up of eleven tracks that work together to tell a story, beginning with an instrumental prelude to the songs with vocals. The album must be listened to track after track and not randomly or you will not hear the piece of art that the band created.

While some songs are harder, many of the tracks are mellow with underlying guitar riffs making the music feel dark and movie-like. Many times, you hear parts of the tracks being used as background music for an old black and white noir film, but it is completely up to date. The band does not hold true to the concept of a song being 3-4 minutes long. The tracks with vocals push the 5-8 minute range, while the instrumentals placed strategically throughout the album are shorter at 2-3 minutes.

I have a hard time trying to find a comparison for the band as I am not fluent in progressive rock. The music is good and is completely different from a lot of the South American rock that I am accustomed to hearing. I don’t think I will find myself singing along with the band’s female singer, Solange, as the music doesn’t lend itself to belting out a chorus or two. The album, I think, is meant to be enjoyed like a score to a movie in its entirety.

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