Mon Laferte – “Tornasol” (2013)

Sometimes the best way to locate new music is by just listening to the radio, and when I mean radio… I am talking on iTunes radio. On the new and noteworthy Latin pop/rock music section, my girlfriend heard the singer, Mon Laferte. My girlfriend is picky when it comes to her music but when she tells me she loves something, I have to take a listen.

Spending a few days getting familiar with this independent artist, I have come to agree that Mon Laferte is probably one of the better singers to come out of Latin America.

Mon Laferte’s sound is reminiscent of early Bjork

Though hailing from Chile, Mon Laferte found her success in Mexico where her music has begun to find ground. Tornasol is Mon’s second studio album and tends to be the style she found worked for her. The first album tended to be more of a traditional pop album.

With this second album and what made us perk up our ears and take a listen to this artist is that she sounds like nobody coming out of Latin America right now. This is reminiscent of the style of the Icelandic alt-pop songstress, Bjork. That was the key that caught out attention in the beginning, Mon Laferte sounds like early Bjork and it is a sound that is unique and is hard to capture, it helps that Mon’s vocals are amazing. She has such great range and can be heard throughout the fourteen tracks of this album.

It’s hard to classify Mon Laferte into one genre as she seems hard, but not rock. She sounds pop, but not bubblegum. Her music is dark, edgy, and fun. I think my favorite song off the album has to be “Lo Que Pido”, because it is probably the closest to the pop music that I love. We are looking forward to hearing more from Mon Laferte soon, as she has a new single out and a new album that is due out soon.

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