Flans – “Adios” (1990)

In 1990, no one wanted to hear the words “Adios” from the 80’s pop group, Flans, but that is what happened that year. Flans, who began their careers in the mid-’80s were leaving the music scene before they were pushed out. They know at that time that the demographics were changing and the people who were buying music and listening to the radio were younger and wanted younger artists too.

The members of Flans were getting older too… maybe a little too old for the pop music that was on the radio. The ’80s and ’90s were a completely different game. So, when Flans said… “Adios”, the fans were given an album that wasn’t up to their caliber, or was it? Then, fans were a little disappointed in what was given to us to say good-bye. The songs were slower, darker, and not as poppy as they were used to. It was too mature for us wanting more “No Controles” and “Bazar”.

The sad part to all of it is…”Adios” is probably one of the best albums of the group to date. Musically, the album is far superior to anything we had previously received from them. And to this day, a lot of the songs do not sound dated like many of the music from the ’90s does.

The album doesn’t unite the girl’s as a group but showcases them as individuals. Each song for each of the girls is geared to their personalities and unique styles. Ilse’s solos were upbeat, pop music with a hint of rock. Mimi belted out the ballads, especially with the song “Horas” which is probably one of the best ballads she has ever sung. Ivonne’s solos are soulful and dark with a hint of mystery. These are the girls. Ilse is a high energy, Mimi was a romantic, and Ivonne was a mystery. This album was completely and totally them… It wasn’t FLANS, but it was Ilse, Ivonne, and Mimi.

I am glad Flans left the stage when they did because I would have hated to see them grow old and unwanted in the music industry. It happens. But with the resurgence of the music from the past, it has opened up a world to them of adults that now, again, can spend money buying music. Theirs. Flans hoped on the reunion bandwagon a few times, but this time with much success. It is good to see Flans (Ilse+Ivonne+Mimi) back together and would like to see the group release another album similar to what Sasha Benny Erik did.

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