Alejandra Guzman – “La Guzman” (1997)

In 1997, Alejandra Guzman was on top of the world with number one hits and she loved to rock out, which she did with her first live album, “La Guzman”.

When Alejandra came out with the album and DVD of the concert, which she recorded and filmed in Xcaret, a Mexican eco-tourism park on the Mayan Riviera, I don’t think I cared that she looked like she was used and put away wet. We all knew this was not a good time for her personally, but who the hell cared. It was Alejandra Guzman and she was live. It was our first live album for her and I loved seeing this woman perform. Looking back on it and comparing it to the Alejandra Guzman we have today, she is completely different. Seventeen years did wonder for her and her live self doesn’t even compare to how good she is now.

Skipping the hits from the first two albums, Alejandra performed songs mostly from the albums, Libre and Flor De Papel. Her album prior to this, Enorme, only had one song sung from it. I would have thought she would have sung the majority of the music from Enorme; which was a tad disappointing since it was such a great album. But, Alejandra knew which songs the fans wanted to her and she gave a great performance still.

What I like about Alejandra live in general is the fact that she can bounce around the stage and still have such an easy time singing. A decade or more before her Primera Fila, Alejandra gave us a similar concept on this album as she performed a duet with another artist. Miguel Mateos joined her on stage for the song, “Mentiras”. She also gave us a brand new song for the album, which is an excellent song… “No Hay Vacuna Contra El Amor” written for this concert was given to us but it was not a single. The studio released the live version of “Loca” for the first single. Too bad because I truly believe this could have been a big hit for her.

When comparing live albums, this album can’t hold a candle to her Primera Fila; but as a first for her and her career, it’s a great start.

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