Lucero – “Solo Pienso En Ti” (1991)

“La Novia De America” (America’s Girlfriend), Lucero released her eighth studio album in 1991 with the album, Solo Pienso En Ti. By this time, Lucero had begun her transition between pop and ranchera music. Her previous album, Con Mi Sentimiento was her first album in the ranchero genre and she had opened up herself to a brand new market. This probably helped gain even more sales for this album, not that she needed any. Lucero had already made a name for herself and had won the hearts of all of Mexico.

While being more known for her ballads, Lucero has many Top 40 pop hits. The first single, “Electricidad” hit the number one spot on the charts in Mexico. It stayed on the top of the charts until Lucero eventually replaced it with another hit song. The second single, “Ya No” replaced it and dropped it down a spot. Lucero was one of the first artists to hold both Top 2 spots. No wonder, the songs are classics. I don’t think Lucero has ever been better. Her previous works were good, but this album has some of Lucero’s best work and most well-known songs.

Because these two songs were excellent vehicles to launch Lucero worldwide, this was album enter the Billboard charts; a first for Lucero. Previously, Lucero’s fans were mostly in Mexico, but this album did bring her international fame musically. Her work in soap operas had already made her a household name among teenagers and housewives. Her sweet and innocent charm was what captured the audience’s hearts. This innocence and purity came across in her music. There is nothing controversial about Lucero and her album. The music is just strong ballads or softer pop beats making her the girl next door.

My favorite songs off the album are “Nada Como Ser Miss” and “Autocontrol”, both songs are the more upbeat traditional pop songs. This is an era of Lucero that I really love and is really a great place to start if you want to give her a chance. The combination of pop to ballad ratio is good; you don’t feel like you are listening to your mother’s music.

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