Mecano – “Aidalai” (1991)

Since Mecano’s beginning in 1982, the Spanish rock band as grown and evolved into a musical masterpiece. During its early stages, they were new wave…then they fell in the “rock en español” era in the late ’80s, though their music was anything but rock. As Mecano reached outside of Spain and Mexico, their sound began to become more European versus Latin.

By the time “Aidalai” the album captured something for everyone making the album has a worldwide appeal. It didn’t hurt that various versions of the album were released incorporating songs sung in Italian for Italy and songs sung in French for France. I think the album as a whole has a very world music feel as it corporates rock, bossa nova, flamencos, as well as ballads, and instrumental.

When an album is this diverse you tend to think it won’t be a coherent work of art but the way the Jose and Nacho, the group’s two composers and band members, work together; the album flows so eventually. That doesn’t mean that I like it. Over the last ten years, I have learned to appreciate the group’s discography and how they have grown; but for me, “Aidalai” is my least favorite album from the group’s history.

In no way am I saying the album is bad. There are songs which I love and there are songs that do nothing for me. 1917, which is the instrumental song from the album, is a beautiful classical piece infusion with pop and rock. El Fallo Positivo is a terrific combination of a ballad and a ballad as it speaks about AIDS. And J.C. is a cute little pop song that is quite enjoyable. Overall, the quality of music is superb but just not the style of Mecano I like.

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