Fangoria – “Operación Vodevil” (2011)

Fangoria is a band in a class all its own. I was hesitant for the longest time to watch/listen to this album because I had seen so many other live versions of Fangoria and thought they were horrible live but after watching the DVD one weekend, I changed my mind on it.

Operacion Vodevil was a live concert filmed at a dinner theater location in Spain and it was filled with tons of fans that got up and danced and sang along with the band, which consisted of Alaska on vocals, Nacho Canut on an iPad and keyboards, Rafa Spunky who is Alaska’s backup singer, and Ikerne Gímenez on guitar. Yeah, most of the music was pre-recorded and used from Nacho’s iPad which was in front of him the whole time. Along with Alaska on stage was a team of dancers called, “Ballet Fantasía” – two females and two males. They changed outfits a lot and were similar to those old-time theater dances.

Part of the reason for this album was it celebrated 30 years of music together from Alaska Y Los Pegamoides, Dinarama, and Fangoria. The band released in 2010, the album “El paso trascendental del vodevil a la astracanada” which were remakes of their most popular hits with updated music that is similar to what Fangoria is releasing now. So it was inevitable that the band would tour singing all their popular hits.

As for the video, we all know that Alaska isn’t a pretty woman but I have to say that after watching this video, I have so much more respect for her as an artist. She looked like she was having so much fun and that she didn’t seem to take any of these seriously. It was a party and she was having a good time. I loved watching it. The video is longer than the CD. I think the video is a complete concert of 25 songs, while the CD only contains 17 songs.

Fangoria is a party band that produces great music and I can say that I really loved what they came out. The concert wasn’t that elaborate but it didn’t have to be to have fun with the blast to the past with their songs, old and new.

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