Timbiriche – “Somos Amigos” (1982)

It is hard to classify early Timbiriche as pop music because it truly was more dedicated to kids and this album when you look back in time gets lumped with Chiquilladas and Cri-Cri versus Yuri and Menudo, who were performing more pop music and hitting the actual pop charts with music. But children’s music is really pop music when you break the music down and don’t look at who is singing it.

In 1982, the world was learning about the group that would dominate Mexican pop radio in the coming years. They are synonymous with Latin pop music and I don’t know if there is a person in Mexico who doesn’t know who Timbiriche is. But we are not talking about the version of the group that had 5-7 Top 40 songs off of one album, I am talking about the little 8-10-year-olds, dressed in blue and yellow who are jumping all of the stage performing songs about first love, cats that can rock out, a day in the country, and can have a party at Mariana’s house.

It’s the themes of the song that push this album into the kid’s genre versus the general top 40 category. Even though I am a year away from my Latin pop crazy, I am still four years away from learning about Timbiriche, so my experience with this album is definitely an after product and I have to look at objectively. I mean, how many theme songs does one group need on a single album. The song “Somos Amigos” has the group introducing themselves, plus we have the theme song, “Timbiriche” which has become an anthem for the group.

Electric guitars and drums filled the album which puts it in line with many albums at the same time. The song, “El Gato Rocanrolero” is musically comparable to Menudo’s “A Bailar” from the same era. But Timbiriche sounds like kids. Even though the music dated, it is hard to jam out in your car with the windows down in traffic, though I am sure I did that in the ’80s when I learned to drive. Now, not so much… Okay, maybe with the windows up.

No matter how old Timbiriche was, the music was fun but it isn’t something that is a musical masterpiece. The album was originally titled, but as Melody Records reissued this album it has changed to Timbiriche 1 and now is widely known as “Somos Amigos”.

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