Yuri – “Yuri Si, Soy Asi” (1983)

This is what was out when I was first getting into Latin pop music, the same with my sister. My sister was blonde and cut her hair just like Yuri and did the dances, mimicking Yuri’s moves with a fake microphone. I grew up thinking this album was just called “Yuri” but over the years I have learned that depending on where you lived, the album had many names. In the US it was just called “Yuri” but in Spain, the album was called “Soy Asi” because of an added track called “Si Soy Asi” which was a single in Spain. While both versions have 12 tracks on it, Spain has “Si Soy Asi” and Mexico and the US have a song called, “Necesito De Ti”. I will be reviewing the US/Mexican edition. I might have to find the Spain version to hear their song.

Remember this is the music that transitioned me from Top 40 US music to Latin pop as I was liking Menudo, as I watched television waiting for them, I got to see Yuri in her 80’s glory. 80’s Latin and 80’s US Top 40 is completely different. The music from this era seemed very childish and Yuri was not immune to this childish song. Songs like “Y Descubrir Que Te Quiero” have a kid feel but I think a lot of it has to do with Yuri being so young and her voice had not yet developed, but when you hear slower songs like “Oh Mamma Mamma” her voice sounds extremely mature and almost to the point of where she is now.

Her biggest hit off this album was “Yo te amo, te amo” which is a cover of Rosanna Fratello’s Italian song of “Se t’amo t’amo” which is more of a rock version versus Yuri’s pop version. Mexico loved this song and it was one of her biggest hits in the early 80’s. While I enjoy quite a few songs off the album, I am not a big fan of “Vuelve”, its a ballad that really doesn’t flow well. One of my favorite songs off the album is a slow ballad called, “Canta Canta” it is sweet and talking about singing.

Overall, the album is pretty decent for an 80’s pop album. It’s very dated and Yuri’s voice is still juvenile but you can hear the strength that is coming up.

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