Kalimba – “Cena Para Desayunar” (2014)

We have been following Kalimba’s career since he appeared in Yuri’s video “Hombres Al Borde De Un Ataque De Celos” when he was very little. Then he moved to Onda Vaselina. And we were watching when he released his first solo album, “Aerosoul”. Now, Kalimba is completely grown up and his music has evolved tremendously from his first solo album. While I am sure you can hear the transition between the first to this album, we jumped from “Negro Claro” to here and are impressed with what we are hearing.

While the music isn’t as dance-worthy as the first album, but there are still enough of rhythms to make the album completely enjoyable. But for the most part, the songs on “Cena Para Desayunar” are slower but just as powerful as his earlier songs. The mature sound, I think has helped him evolve into a prominent component in Latin pop music. The sound he is giving us is familiar making it easy to hum along after a few listens. It has grown on me in the past few days, making it an album I look forward to hearing.

Spotify helped me review this album, but I am so impressed that I will be heading out to purchase it for my collection. Kalimba has a voice that is like nothing you will hear in Mexico. He is unique and with him being a black Mexican, there is so much soul in his voice. This makes him stand out in Mexico and in Latin America. I am excited to hear that Kalimba hasn’t lost his charm and I am looking forward to more from him in the future. I definitely recommend this album for your collection.

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