Alejandra Guzman with Farruko – “Adios” Single

This week, Alejandra Guzman released the single “Adios”, which is the first single from her upcoming studio album. This album will follow up her comeback with the Primera Fila tour and will be the first studio album since 2009.

“Adios” is a duet with Puerto Rican Reggaeton singer, Farruko, and features a strong urban flair to the song. Normally I might not like the switch, especially when Alejandra is the queen of rock; but the song has an underlying rock beat to it. She does this very well, which we heard on her Primera Fila album with the song, “No Soy De Nadie” which had a very island feel to it.

I know I say this all the time when talking about music that rides the fence of reggaeton, but I hate that they have to announce who is singing in the song. I think it is ridiculous and unnecessary. It is great to hear new music from Alejandra and as long as she keeps her image as the queen of rock, I think we will be good; but if the music is all like this, I might be disappointed.

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