Single Review: Jencarlos Canela – “Bajito”

Pop music singer-songwriter, Jencarlos Canela, decided to explore a more urban sound with his new single “Bajita”, which he performs with Ky-Mani Marley (singer and son of Bob Marley).

I don’t really care for urban music, but this song featured more of a Jamaican flair versus the Latin rap music that is popular. This makes the song have more of a world music vibe to it and I could see it being very successful in the islands and areas close to Jamaica.

Jencarlos, who is actually American and born to Cuban parents, has recorded 3 solo albums that are more along the lines of contemporary pop music instead of the genre like this song “Bajito”. While fans might think this is a sell-out for him by jumping on the urban bandwagon; but the song is unique different making it fresh with its’s Jamaican influences.

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