Esteman – “Como Vez Primera” Single

Finding new music is fun when you explore twitter and Spotify at the same time and when you do, you get music like Esteman and this new single, “Como Vez Primera”. I chose to review the single instead of previously released albums because I wanted to hear the most recent before I went on to his past catalog.

At the beginning of the song, I truly thought I was not going to like it with the unique musical sound, but as the song continued, the upbeat fun began and I was able to get into the song. It’s definitely independent music but is reminiscent of Julieta Venegas sound. I think this is great music for hipsters, they would totally enjoy this song, especially because it is and fusion of elements like eclectic pop, disco music, and indie.

Esteman is actually a band, though the leader is the lead singer, Esteban Mateus. As for the rest of the band, the members are Julián Bernal, Juanita Carvajal, Juan Camilo Molina, and Tefi Bell. The group hails from Bogota, Columbia and the single has been released under EMI Music Mexico.

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