So much music and so little time

Over the weekend, I cleaned up my iPod and added more music to it; things that I have just recently purchased. And I was thinking that this isn’t everything I own. If I were to add the vinyl music that I don’t have digitally, I think that my iPod would be filled. I currently use the discontinued 160GB and I know there is stuff that just doesn’t play. How can one person listen to that much music?

I have a goal in life and that is to review all the albums I own, which goes back to the 80’s. Eventually, I will get that task handled; but how long do you think that will take. A year, two years, five years? I don’t know, I think it would be possible to review all the music I own within a year if I did nothing else and I purchased nothing more and that I didn’t take on any music that I find on streaming sites like Spotify.

Reviewing an album isn’t just listening to the album once and writing a review like movie critics do, there is much more to it. While I don’t get as in-depth as some critics do, it does take more than one listen. Albums that I thought I loved, as I listened to them again and more critical, I found out that I really didn’t like it. At the same time, some albums I thought I hated became favorites. Just because I can sing along with a song on an album I have heard a million times, doesn’t make it a good album.

They say everyone is a critic, but what I find is a lot of “fanboy” and “fangirl” attitudes when it comes to music. Lots of fans have their particular favorites and within those favorites, everything is perfect. In reality, this isn’t true. Nothing is ever always the best. People like Thalia with huge fan bases make bad albums, but her fans won’t say that.

As a music critic, I believe in 100% honesty; but sometimes you have to choose your words wisely. I don’t believe in slamming an artist or their work and I will try to be as tactful as possible. Music is subjective, my likes and your likes may never be the same and all I can talk about is what I think. Take what you will from it. I know I will never say “this sucks”… I will try to talk about the good points as well as the bad, but if there are a lot of bad parts (for me), I am not afraid to say it.

Not every review will be good. As I find artists or artists find us and want us to review their music, keep in mind that it might not be a good review. We don’t cater to divas who want us to only write positive things. I did that once and felt very wrong for stating the music was good even though I didn’t care of it.

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