Jotdog – “Celebracion” Single

The Mexican pop group, Jotdog, released the first single from their upcoming album, which is the fourth for the band. The title “Celebracion”, which means celebration got me thinking that this song was going to be a real party song. Nope, not really.

On the group’s social media, they have been really hyping this single a lot and on June 1st, they performed at Viola Antara in Mexico City with lots of their friends and fans in attendance. They were filming the video of the song.

As for the song, “Celebracion” is a traditional pop song that doesn’t have any gimmicks to get you to like it. It has a little bit of an 80’s flair to it, but it is a fun little song. After listening to the song twice, I already felt like I knew the words and could sing along right off the bat, though it is very new to me. I just that is one of the reasons I like Jotdog in general; they are a very accessible pop group for the masses. While I was hoping for some “party=like celebration”, I still like what I got. Thanks for another good song.

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