Robert Avellanet – “Sin Palabras” Single

The Puerto Rican pop group, Menudo, hasn’t been full of musical successes that gotta wide appeal. The rockers have Robi Draco Rosa and pop has Ricky Martin, but is there room for more? Yes and I think if anyone of the Menudo’s has a shot it is going to be Robert Avellanet. He’s young enough to appeal to the current younger generation. Some of the older Ex-Menudo’s might only be able to grab fans due to nostalgia, but Robert’s time in Menudo wasn’t during their more popular days so it possible that he won’t have the stigma surrounding being a Menudo member as much as others and that is a good thing.

Robert’s sound seems to have the feel of being a cross between Juanes and Alejandro Sanz in his single, “Sin Palabras.” The song flows well and is quite enjoyable as a ballad, though it doesn’t have a powerful chorus that many of the popular ballads have that become anthem.

One of the cool things about the video that Robert released for the song is that it was all filmed on an iPhone, which is incredible because it is so professional looking. I liked the video style as it felt like a movie and that Robert was performing the background music for that movie. He used two actors for that while keeping himself out of the story of the video and only using his image on a rooftop strumming a guitar and singing the song. The combination of the two styles helps paint a noticeable storyline that becomes a work of art and not just a song.

Robert’s sound is classic and I can easily see it on Top 40 radio. If played right, Robert could be the next big act coming from Menudo’s history.

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