Urband5 – “Viernes”

Amen for boybands. They are the quintessential part of pop music, no matter the language. Yes, there are good boybands and not so good ones, but this new group from Mexico, Urband5, is making noise on radio stations like Exa, which are great for giving new talent a chance and it is easy to do with this group.

“Viernes” is the third independent single from the 5 member group and it is just in time for the upcoming summer months. I think that the song will go far this summer on the radio. It’s classic pop beats and the cuteness of the guys are a classic combination. The second single was a slower ballad, and the first single is a crossover Spanglish song. But I believe that “Viernes” is going to be their breakout song.

I am not sure how much longevity the group will have, but if their music continues to stay along the lines of this third single, I can see a good five years on them. The hard part of boybands, in general, is the shelf life. Any guy going into a group like Urband5 has to know that the history gives them 5 years to maybe 10 if they are good, but if they don’t get a full album soon, “Viernes” will fizzle out and they maybe have another year. Timing is everything and right now is the time. Give “Viernes” a listen if you are boy band lover like myself, you’ll dig it.

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