Single Review: Amanda Mena – “Alma Gemela”

After winning Telemundo’s La Voz Kids, the young Dominican, Amanda Mena releases her first single from her upcoming album released by Universal Music Latin, Alma Gemela. The song is about first love and first kisses and at her age (11-12), I think it might have been a little too early. Maybe it is me but I don’t think 11-12-year-olds are thinking about first loves, maybe we should have given her another year or two.

Vocally, I am seriously impressed with this girl. Her voice is not childlike at all. I look back and youth at the age and the first thing I think about is people like Paulina Rubio at this age when Timbiriche first started. There is a complete difference in just how mature Amanda’s voice is. I could confuse her with an older teenager. This makes listening to her music quite enjoyable because I don’t feel like I am listening to kid’s music. The song I actually enjoy also. Its urban flair fits her image and is not so in your face which keeps it in the pop genre.

As for the video, for her age, they kept it very innocent which is good. We have her dancing around her house, looking at her cellphone at a picture of a boy. Then it looks like it changes locations to a party, probably a birthday party with all her girlfriends at a roller-skating party. And then the boy shows up at the party. He definitely looks too old for her; maybe about 15-17 years old. This is when the lyrics switch to “oh baby, oh baby.” Again, an 11-12-year-old should be talking about going to the party, skating, having fun with friends. Maybe I am old fashion but I think the song is a little too old for her.

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