Grupo Amaretto – “Grupo Amaretto” (1989)

In 1989 when this album came out, I was living in Los Angeles and went to my local Latin music store almost daily because I never knew what I would find. They never followed a released date because they got most of their music from Mexico and drove it back up. If I would have seen this album back then, I probably would not have picked it up. Nothing about the album screamed Latin Pop.

Just this past year, I went to a record convention here in Houston and I found a seller that had Latin albums. I told him what I was looking for and the next convention, he brought me a stack of music. A tad expensive, but trying to find Latin vinyl is extremely difficult in Houston. I asked him who they were and he told me that it was alternative rock. So I took a chance on an unknown band.

Research on this band doesn’t tell me much, but it does look like Musart Records has reissued this album under the name, “Corazon De Metal” digitally. But I am at a loss of knowing anything about the band other than I have the album.

There is no doubt when listening to this album that you are in a time warp back to the ’80s. As bad as the 80’s music is, this is the epitome of 80’s crap music. It is not alternative rock, but maybe for Mexico, it was. It was nothing like what was coming out in Mexico on mainstream radio, which might be the way the guy told me it was alt-rock. A lot of the music and vocal stylings from the girls sound a lot like Kenny Y Los Electricos. The guys, on the other hand, don’t have good voices, but it reminds me of early Soda Stereo. Similar underlying samples, etc.

Is the album good? Not really, but it is not bad. It’s not something I would throw away or resell. If you are an 80’s fan of Soda Stereo or Kenny, then I recommend sampling a few songs on Amazon to see if it is worth your time.

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