Ana Tijoux – “Vengo” (2014)

During one of my recent trips to San Antonio, I visited an indie record store to check out if they happened to have anything I might be interested in and I found two vinyl records of Ana Tijoux which were released on Nacional Records. First off, thank you Nacional for releasing new music on vinyl. Please don’t give up on that. I know it is hard to market to the vinyl crowd, but you are pretty much the only Latin music label that has jumped back on the vinyl resurgence. Keep it up.

I had no concept of what I was getting into when I purchased these two albums from Ana Tijoux. My original thoughts were thinking she was going to be a lot of like Andrea Echeverri, but how I was wrong. Ana Tijoux is in a league all her own and that is why she is on Nacional Records.

My first listen to the album was casual, while I was doing housework and I was put off at the beginning because of all the rap-style vocals. I failed to hear the charm of the album on my first listen. Today, I sat down and did nothing but listen to the album, multiple times. My initial thoughts still remain the same; this isn’t really my style of music that I enjoy, but I am not discarding the album as a whole.

When I say rap, it is more like hip-hop Latino style but not urban like Reggaeton. This isn’t the whole album, quite a few times the chorus is sung and not rapped making me enjoy the song. Songs like “No Mas” is a prime example of how the song hits more of a pop sound versus a hip hop sound. The more I listened to the album, the more the hip-hop didn’t bother me. I really enjoyed “Los Peces Gordos No Pueden Volar”, again it gives a sung chorus verses rapped.

Overall, I can see why Ana Tijoux is doing well on her own. By the end of this review, I can honestly say that I recommend this album to people who like their pop music mixed with some Los Angeles underground edge.

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