Chayanne – “No Hay Impossibles” (2010)

I really don’t follow Chayanne’s career for the most part, but I used to like his music pre-Provocame. As of lately, Chayanne seems irrelevant in my life because he tends to go more ballad versus upbeat pop. My Chayanne collection is mostly from CDs I have purchased second-hand. This album was one of those albums. I never even heard of this album until I found it out in the wild.

Because of this, I went into this album without any pretexts. Honestly, I do not know any of the songs on the album. My first take on it is that it sounds like everything else he has done. The album starts off with a slower song. When I think of Chayanne, I thought back to going to see him in concert during his Provocame tour and how he is so upbeat and dancing all over the stage. This album barely gives me that. If I were to go see him in concert with the promotion of this album, half the time the audience would not be up with high energy.

I think the best songs from the album, that give you a taste of what Chayanne can bring to true pop music is “Dame Dame”, which you have to wait until to end of the album to hear it as it is the last song; and “Besos En La Boca” a fun cover of a Portuguese song made popular by Claudia Leitte.

By no means am I saying that the album is bad. Chayanne’s unique voice brings the romanticism to pop music with his ballads. You truly fall in love with him, but I don’t find one of them as good as some of his early 90’s classics.

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