Single Review: Julieta Venegas “Ese Camino”

Singer-songwriter, Julieta Venegas, released the first single from her upcoming album Algo Sucede and also released the lyric video to the song. “Ese Camino” is actually quite good and I really enjoyed it. I always say that I am not really a Julieta Venegas fan, but honestly… I am. Yeah, there are songs that I like more than others but there is nothing that I don’t really like.

When the song first began to play, you can immediately tell that is Julieta. She has such a distinctive sound that incorporates non-traditional instruments into a pop song and while that seems to be happening more than ever before with artists, the way Julieta does it is unique.

The video on the other hand I thought was quite boring but at the same time different enough to be kinda cool. They used drawings instead of film to create a story-like video. I am not a fan of lyric videos, but the way they used the lyrics along with the drawings made the video fun. If this is the only video for the song, then okay. But I don’t think this video would work without lyrics. I don’t know if she will create another video for channels like Ritmoson. I kinda hope she does.

Julieta debuted the song live on May 9 in Bogota for their 40 Principales radio festival. On the horizon, we can expect a concert tour in the US, Latin America, and Europe. The album, Algo Sucede, should be hitting the stores in late Summer 2015.

UPDATE 6/11/15 – The official video for the song “Ese Camino” was released recently, which is completely different than the lyric video.

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