Pedrito Fernandez – “Coqueta” (1985)

How can one really rate an album like this?

Pedrito Fernandez started his career as a little boy singing Mariachi music and was good for someone who was like 5 years old. He grew up singing that music; but in the ’80s and becoming a teenager, he thought about changing his genre and breaking into pop music. At the time that Lucero and Luis Miguel were starting their careers, Pedrito was a veteran just not in the field of pop music.

This is the time that I was getting into Latin pop too. So, Pedrito and I were exploring this together. I remember one of the first times I saw Pedrito Fernandez was when Siempre En Domingo came to Los Angeles. It was a star-studded line up for me…Yuri, Lucero, Ciclon and Pedrito Fernandez. I was in heaven. Pedrito, or now how he is known since he has grown, Pedro, was there making the girls scream and giving me something more to listen to.

When I purchased the album, I loved it. But then again, I didn’t have a lot of choices. Pop music was still quite new in Latin music. Most of the music was Ranchera, Mariachi, or Contemporary adult. Kids in music were still quite new with Menudo leading the pack.

Going back today to listen to the album, I just can’t review the album fairly. Pedrito doesn’t have a great voice and it definitely wouldn’t be an album I would recommend to anyone. But, because of the time period, it holds a special place in my heart that I can’t part with it or the music.

As a pop artist, Pedrito had lots of energy and jumped all over the stage; there was no finesse with him. He didn’t have a true style or following. His pop career lasted for a while but this was at a time when music labels were letting people do whatever they wanted and with a kid who sold so many Mariachi albums, if he wanted to throw one or two pop records at people, they let him. Pop music was growing, so why not.

One cool part of this album and being a Menudo fan is the fact that he recorded “Ella-a-a” which was made popular by Menudo. Musically, I give this album a very low score but it doesn’t mean I don’t still listen to it on my iPod.

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