Patricia Manterola – “Ya Termine” (2009)

After being so let down with “A Mis Reinas“, it took me a long time to actually buy this album. The album came out in 2009, but I don’t think I actually got the CD until 2013 or 2014. The album was not available anywhere locally in Houston, again a problem with the indie label, so I had to buy on eBay; because of that, I just waited. It was always there and never seemed to be selling out, so AGAIN I waited.

Finally, I purchased the album just to have it for the collection which it over 100 different Patty items. I purchase both the US edition and the Mexican edition, which is in a digipack; but I still did not listen to it. It wasn’t until I added it to my iPod and had it popping up at random did I hear any of the music. Finally, after that, I sat down with a pair of headphones and listened to the album as a whole. My Patty is back!!!

While the album is no “Que El Ritmo No Pare“, it is truly a great album. The album gives the feel that Patty is not being put in a box or labeled on this album and is embracing what makes indie music good. You do your own thing and I know this seems to be a contradiction to what I said about “A Mis Reinas”, but this album flows like an album instead of a mixed tape.

Looking back at Patty’s career, we had the albums where she was trying to start her career…then the albums where she wanted to be someone else…then she wanted to fit in…now, Patty seems to have found herself. Mirror this with her personal life: married, settled, and enjoying life. This is what the album feels like. Patty is straight-up pop with a sense of maturity. You can be a pop artist without having to pretend you are 25 again and this is what Patty has given us. I’ll call it contemporary pop.

She has some really great songs that I know would do well on the radio if it wasn’t for the indie part, but hell… Patty has developed her own fan base that isn’t going away. Like here, my house is a Patricia Manterola household.

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