Patricia Manterola – “A Mis Reinas” (2006)

When this album came out, I hunted a million and one stores for it because it was originally released as a promotional version for Maseca, the Mexican company that produces flour and cornmeal for tortillas. I swear I hit every Latino grocery store and once I found it, I had to buy like 3 bags of flour to get this CD. Maseca wasn’t the only company Patty turned to in order to promote her album and she had to because she was no longer with BMG. I am not sure why she left or was dropped, but Patty went indie and the only way to get your music out there was to hock it yourself. I have found a Motorola/Telcel promotional copy as well as an original retail version. Each CD has a different shade of sepia making the colors on the album different.

I have to give kudos to Patty for being at the forefront of cover albums. It seemed to have started with Fey, where she released an album of Mecano songs. Patty followed, but then artists like MariaJose literally launched her career with two cover albums that did great. Patty’s album featured hits from female artists from the ’80s with a more current sound. Patty didn’t do as well as Fey and MariaJose. I think there were two major factors that contributed to the lack of success on this album. One, the indie label. It is too hard to get your music heard on the major radio without a major label. The other is the fact that the album seemed more like an album of mixed music instead of one coherent work of art. There are too many styles of music that didn’t go well together.

It seems like at times it wants to go Techno, then banda then goes to American Country, then jumps to almost a Bachata sound, then pop. I don’t think that you can rely on the fact that everyone knows these songs to have them become hits again. But then, sometimes artists just want to record the music they grew up with and liked. Patty could have been on that stage and just did what she wanted…but as a whole, the album didn’t seem to work for me. Not saying it is bad in any manner. Individually, if you were to put the songs on an iPod and listen to them in an environment that promotes mixed music and genres; the songs work.

It does show me that Patty as versatility as an artist and honestly, she could go in any direction she wanted and probably could do well. My girlfriend and I were just saying how Patty should put out an album of Mariachi music as Lucero does. Go pop, then go to a different genre. Keep people guessing and expand her fan base.

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