Patricia Manterola – “Dejame Volar” (2003)

Not waiting for the dust to settle with the release of “Que El Ritmo No Pare” and “The Rhythm“, Patricia Manterola released another album just a year later…”Dejame Volar”.

I don’t know if the release of this album so soon was a good or a bad thing for Patty but I can say that she left BMG after this album. Was she dropped? Did she leave on her own? I am not sure about the story, but I can say that we only got these three albums with BMG/Ariola. Looking back, I kinda miss this era of Patty’s career because the music was just so good. They sounded like well-produced high-end productions.

When this album came out, I listened to it pretty much all the time and it has become my favorite album of all time for Patty, therefore, she finally gets 5 complete stars. WOOO! Starting with the first song, “Te Quiero Todo Para Mi”, this is a kick-ass song. It was one of the first songs that my girlfriend heard of Patty and she is someone who doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish, but she loves the song. It became our song and will be played at our wedding one day. I think I may have to invite Patty to the wedding when it happens. “La Bomba” is fun. “Dejame Volar” is one of the best songs on the album, along with “Amor En Libertad” on the slower songs. But now when I say “Te Quiero Todo Para Mi” is kick-ass… The songs “Me Provoca” and “Quedate Conmigo” are like kick-the-world’s ass. Seriously, I don’t know where this Patty came from… but hell yeah. This is the Patty I want back.

When you have an album that is filled with the most incredible sounding songs, you can’t help but to scream out “LISTEN TO THIS”… Musically and vocally, Patty is at her best with this album. I can put this album in a Top 10 list of “Most Influential Latin Pop Albums” and if I wanted to introduce Latin pop music to someone, this would be the album. It combines a lot of Latin beats and rhythms into music that is obtainable to non-Spanish speaking people.

The album also includes two songs with DJ Bobo, a Swiss singer, and a musician. The songs are fun and allow Patty to grab another fanbase as these songs found their way to compilations in Europe.

Now, while I love absolutely everything about this album, it is a source of contention for me. Apparently, the song “Quedate Conmigo” was recorded in German. The song was uploaded to YouTube, along with various other clips stating that “Du un ich” (Quedate Conmigo) was a new single and it is from the Dejame Volar European release. Okay, I claim to have the largest Patty cd/album collection and I am a person that hunts down everything I can find. I can’t find anyone that has a European version with this song on it. So, if it actually exists on CD, I will find it but I am really starting to think it doesn’t. It might have been recorded and demos made, but… HMMM!

If anyone has this, please message me with pictures. I wanna see!

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