Patricia Manterola – “The Rhythm” (2002)

Remember how I said that Patricia Manterola’s album, “Que El Ritmo No Pare” pretty much elevated her career to a different level. This album is why. Part of Patty’s transition into a new artist gave her the opportunity to reach markets that only the biggies had hit and we are talking people like Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias. Part of the reason Patty’s last album went bilingual was because of her journey across the pond. Patty hits Germany!

Yes, as odd as it sounds… she took her English music to Germany and Italy, where club music rules. If you can make it in the club circuit there, then you almost can write your own ticket at least for a while. During my stint as an official fan club president, I helped bring this album and many of the singles to fans in the US, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic because I wanted them to be able to experience what they were missing. Patty in English.

This album takes many of the songs from “Que El Ritmo No Pare”, but then replaces the big hits with an English version. “Ojos Negros” turns to “Magic Eyes”, a song that topped the charts and had many club remixes for it. “Necesito Tu Amor” became “All I Need Is Your Love”, “Bandidos” becomes “Two Hearts” and my ballad “Quiero Que Quieras Volver” became “Come Back Again”.

Now, remember how I said that usually, Latin music doesn’t translate well into English… I might take that back with some of these. I love “Two Hearts”. The lyrics flow and it’s a great song to sing along with. The other English translated songs are good, though I would rather sing the Spanish versions more than the English. But “Two Hearts”, oh hell no… The English version is much better.

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