Patricia Manterola – “Que El Ritmo No Pare” (2002)

Moving along with Patricia Manterola’s career in music, we come to the album that I believe to be one of Patty’s best albums to date. It was the album that changed her career too.

A few months before the album was released, Patty found herself in Dallas, Texas with promotional copies of her single “Que El Ritmo No Pare” and was out to tell everyone she was back and totally different. I had the opportunity to spend time with her and got a sneak peek at the album while sitting in my car in the hotel parking lot. It is a moment that I will never forget. Yes, there are a few moments like that with Patty, but being able to have the entire album played and have a one on one moment to be able to tell her exactly what I thought of it was probably the most fan-girl moment I will ever have.

Not only were we listening to the album but Patty was singing along and giving me commentary, like the fact that she sang all the chorus and background vocals for it also was quite interesting. And while listening to the album for this review, I put on headphones and focused so much attention into her vocals…that I notice that the production of this album is spectacular. Having various different layers of vocals floating into one ear then going to the other, while having another vocal track underneath it, then a completely different one underneath that one. It brings a depth to this album that almost feels 3D – all you need is feeling Patty singing on the back of your neck… Holy cow. That would make this a real experience.

Besides the vocals, which you can tell are so much stronger than her previous 3 albums, the music has moved Patty out of the stagnate 90’s to being ready for Top40. You are putting this album up against people like Britney Spear’s “I’m A Slave For You” or even Alanis Morissette’s “Under Rug Swept”. Patty’s first English song, “The Rhythm” made its way to compilation CDs with songs like these and flowed right with them. What it means is that Patty made it. She really made it.

Now you know how much I love Patty and her ballads, so I have to give big kudos to “Quiero Que Quieras Volver” which puts her first ballad, “Quiero” to shame. This IS MY ballad. Okay, I fell back in love with this girl. She could do an album of ballads like this, I would be in heaven. I’m just saying.

I seriously love this album…but now, I can’t be 100% bias, so here is the bad. I really didn’t care for the English songs that much. I still find that Latin writers have a hard time translating their music into the English language. Musically, these songs are good. It truly is the lyrics that seem a little either repetitious or corny. Maybe it’s me, but I have this issue with many other Latinos that convert to English. Okay, so there it is… If this is my only bad point to the album… That is good.

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