Patricia Manterola – “Quiero Mas” (1998)

I think every artist has a “what were they thinking” album in their career, this is Patty’s. I am on to Patricia Manterola’s third album and final album under Fonovisa/Universal.  This album brings to mind a conversation that I had with Patty when we met for the first time since Garibaldi when she was on a promotional tour for her next album, “Que El Ritmo No Pare”. We were talking about how long it had been since we had seen each other and how different she became during the first few years of her solo career. She said that she really didn’t like herself, her friends and family didn’t like her and that I wouldn’t have like then too… I think this album is then.

Remember when I wrote in my previous reviews that I have always been able, to be honest with Patty about what I thought of her music. This is the album that I told her that I hated. And at that moment, I did. I don’t think its the case anymore, but it is definitely an album that takes a lot to appreciate and I appreciate this album, where she was at the time, where music was then, and what she was trying to accomplish. So when listening to this album, you have to not say, “this is not my Patty” but instead look at it as growing pains.

I tend to think that during this album Patty was truly trying to find herself. She was coming off the success of “Nina Bonita“, and had a great soap opera career, but she wanted more. She wanted to make a name for herself internationally, break into the US acting market while still being under contract with Fonovisa/Melody. She was growing up. So at what point do you stop dancing all over the stage and become someone who has a wider appeal, like international artists that are not kids. It’s the late 90’s, the pop charts were being dominated by Britney Spears, NSync, and tons of boybands were all over Mexico.

Based on what was on the charts, I don’t think Patty would have been able to pull off a teen album. Her best bet was to turn to a more mature crowd. “Quiero Mas” says it correctly. Patty wanted more. I can’t explain it any more than that… but what we got was not what we, as fans, were wanting. Filled with a ton more ballads, our Patty grew up and fans didn’t like it. It was too different. This album did nothing for her or her career.

It took me probably a good ten years to come back to this album and say, whoa…wait. Yes, it was different, but is it bad. Absolutely not. Vocally, Patty shows us that her voice is maturing and is getting nothing but better. Yeah, it might be a little more mellow but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a decent beat. I have fallen in love with this album and even now as I am reviewing it with a critiquing mind, I am finding myself swaying to the music and singing with her.

“Quiero Mas” is a great ballad. Songs like “Te Voy A Enamorar” and “Hoy Me Siento Diferente” are upbeat but are not fast. She gives us a little soulful jam in “Ya No Eres Lo Mismo”… and to my surprise, I fell in love with the ballad, “He Decidido”. All I can say is don’t expect “Que El Ritmo No Pare” when you listen to this album; come into it with an open mind and a glass of wine. It will all make sense…

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