Patricia Manterola “Niña Bonita” (1996)

Moving along Patricia Manterola’s discography, we come to the second album and it a huge difference between the first album and second album, musically.

I think this album is where Patty really begins to find her fan base, especially within the gay club circuit because the music is reminiscent of disco music. It has a really great club vibe especially “Sera Por Ti”. But seriously, can it any better than the title track, “Niña Bonita”, plus the video is like YUM!

But rating wise, it didn’t raise up because of the amount of great music is hindered by too many songs that just didn’t make the cut. As a whole, the album is very good… but while the music is good, there are songs like “Olor de Amor” where the lyrics for the chorus are pretty much just saying the name of the song and that gets a little boring to sing with. I think the lyrics could have been better. The album doesn’t have a great ballad that comes close to the caliber of “Quiero” from the first album.

It seems the album gives you two great songs, two okay songs, two more great songs with “Cuando Llama el Corazon” and “Hablando Con Las Estrellas”, which is my favorite from the album. Then the album slowly dies from there. I really hoped for an awesome ballad because you can hear Patty becoming more confident and I would have loved another strong ballad to belt out in the car, but instead, we have great dance hits that we can “subele” in our vehicles and bounce around with. A definite positive…

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