Xuxa – “Xegundo Xou da Xuxa” (1987)

I live in an area where Latin music is hard to find on LP, but sometimes you run across one by accident and it totally makes your day. I found a Xuxa album from 1987 at a used media (book/music/video) store, Half Price Books for only $2.99 and since I was a 90’s Xuxa fan, I figured I’d check out her actual third album though it the title of the album is “Second Show of Xuxa” (translated).

Xuxa, for the most part, is not a great singer, but when you sing for children, you don’t really need to be. The music is fun and falls in the traditional pop style. Honestly, without knowing Xuxa is a kid’s performer, you would never know this is kids’ music especially if you don’t know Portuguese.

On this album, Xuxa covers Toni Basil’s “Mickey”… and another song that stood out for me was “Comigo Ninguém Pode”, which I knew in Spanish by Ricky Martin, who performed this song as “Comigo Nadie Puede” on his first solo album. When you listen to older albums, it is cool when you find songs you know and find out others have sung them too.

While listening to Xegunda Xou Da Xuxa, I actually found that I was enjoying it pretty much and I think I have decided to add Xuxa to my collection pile. It’s something you can just have a little fun with and it breaks up a lot of the serious music of today. Yeah, it’s dated and sounds like the ’80s but honestly, who cares.

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