XRIZ – Mienteme (Remastered)

When hunting down new music, one of my favorite places to find new artists and songs is Spotify because they have other similar artists listed. This is how I found XRIZ, an indie artist from Spain, and his single of the remastered version of the song “Mienteme”.

The song was originally released on an EP last year, but the new sound and music puts XRIZ on our list, but just barely. The hints of bachata and urban flairs, XRIZ’s music rides the fence on pop en Espanol. The first verse begins as a slower pop song with a good beat and the chorus is very catchy, but it’s when we get to the second verse that we hear XRIZ trying to play up that he is a little urbaner, but then brings it back to a standard pop song.

The second verse is where the song loses it for me. The rap-style singing seemed very unnecessary, especially when pop and rock are seriously coming back. Unless you are Pitbull, it seems unneeded because the song is great without it. XRIZ has a chance that he could do some serious damage as a pop star, which can be seen on some of his other songs such as “Me Enamore”, which is a straight-up decent pop song.

XRIZ can be found on Spotify or on iTunes for digital download.

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