Twitter is important for music fans

If you love music and you are not on Twitter, you’re an idiot!

I hear so many times from music people that hate twitter and love Facebook and I am like WHY? While they still consider Facebook is still social media, they gear it to your likes and your life. What was once a networking place is no longer that? Facebook wants you to be in your own little bubble and wants you to stay there.

Many people describe Twitter as the world’s largest chat room, but if used correctly; twitter can be heaven for people who love music. Now, if you are one of those people who say, “Yeah, I love music.” yet your iPod is only filled with 1-10 artists and only the most popular songs, you are not a music lover and we can excuse you from reading this.

Honestly, you don’t even need to talk on twitter and it still can be your best friend. Here is how. First, you follow your favorite musical acts and their record labels. Then you look through the people the record labels follow. Most of them will follow their artists, plus smaller artists will follow other bands, groups, and singers. Follow these people because usually, they will be in the same genre.

Then do the same with the new artists that you just followed. Follow their label, too. Indie labels have lots of good artists that don’t get a lot of airplay, so you may not have heard of these artists. Follow them anyway…for now.

Okay, this is where new music becomes fun. Now that you have all these bands followed. Go to your following list and start researching these artists online. Most will have a website or better yet, head over to Spotify and search them. If they are in there, listen to them for a moment.

If you like them, favorite them on Spotify. If not, you go back over to Twitter and unfollow them. Now they are gone from your timeline. Do this to all the artists you like and don’t like. Eventually, you will have a list of great new artists to buy. Also, keep an eye out for artists that other artists mention, or record labels. New artists get signed daily, so you never know when someone hot is gonna come around.

Now, just an FYI…you’s feed can get crazy if you follow many people. Make sure you turn off people’s retweets. Some artists will retweet everything people say about them, and you wake up with 500 messages to go through. Nope… just put up their profile and hit the button that says Turn Off Retweets. Easy.

I have found so many new bands just on twitter alone, and they are great. Some of my favorites. Facebook might let you follow your favorites, but you’re not going to discover your next favorite musical act there. You need Twitter!

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