Thalia – “Viva Tour (2013)

Depending on where you bought the album or country you lived in, Thalia’s Viva Tour album can be very different. So note that when I am reviewing the album that I am using the basic US version. This album is Thalia’s second live album, the first being in 2009 for her “Primera Fila”.

The Viva Tour is the accompanying tour of the release of her prior album, “Habitame Siempre”, which most of the songs are from that album and a medley of prior ballads; but if you missed that last few albums of Thalia, you will be lost unlike other artists like Alejandra Guzman, whose live albums take a bit from all eras. I seemed to have forgotten “Habitame Siempre” and went from Primera Fila to Viva Tour, because when looking back at other Primera Fila’s, the artists record their live album, then tour with the Primera Fila concerts just to release a second live album that incorporates more music from that tour. Thalia skips the tour for years…and thinks that 5 years later is sufficient. I almost don’t even know if she truly did a Primera Fila (Yes, she did).

The album/concert starts with an upbeat song, “Atmosfera”, then slows down for 3 different ballads before going into her first medley. If you have the basic version of “Habitame Siempre” then you will not know “Atmosfera”, which was featured on the deluxe edition, and by far it is the best track on Viva!

Thalia’s first duet is performed with Leonel García, Samo, and Jesús Navarro of Reik with the song “Con Los Años Que Me Quedan” which is almost a bolero. Then even more ballads, which seems to be Thalia’s preference. It isn’t until the next duet with Mexican singer, Maria Jose, where they sing a cover of Ricardo Arjona’s hit, “Mujeres”, that we get another upbeat pop song.

The CD gives us a few more songs before it ends with Thalia’s medley of soap opera themes, songs that people know by heart and is what Thalia is most known for. Now, if you have a different version… you have a few more songs like a duet with former Timbiriche member, Erik Rubin, as well as two more medley’s of Thalia’s greatest hits from the past as well as her number one song, “Amor A La Mexicana”.

As a whole, the concert is enjoyable as Thalia’s voice is flawless live. It is a pity that she doesn’t tour more often than she does. For the fan of Thalia’s past, it is best to grab the deluxe/longer version to get the songs that you know. But I have to say that both the Maria Jose duet and the first opening track are worth the album in general.

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