Single Review: Sofia Reyes – “Muevelo”

Time to check out what Twitter is talking about. We got a tweet from Warner Music Mexico that tells us to check out Sofia Reyes and her single “Muevelo” because it will make us get out of our chair and dance. Luckily, we found Sofia on Spotify on decided to review what Warner Music is telling us to listen to and like.

The song “Muevelo” features Wisin, which automatically tells us that it going to have some urban flair to it. It starts out like half the songs that are on the radio now where we have to announce who is singing. I honestly hate that. I know I am listening to Sofia, you don’t need to tell me that.

After getting through the first verse of Spanglish wanna-be rapping, we get to the chorus and that is where we get off our chair and dance. Okay, Warner Music… I am listening.
Another verse of Sofia’s bad rapping, we get to the chorus again. Yes, it is Spanglish, but I can deal with it. Wisin has to have to solo in the song where he raps his Spanish lyrics, but we get more of the chorus, which is seriously catchy. Can we redo the rest of the song?

The song ends with a kiss, which I find a little too much; but for the most part… it ain’t bad. Really. I guess I need to get over my strong dislike for the urban accents to music because that is where the market is at the moment. So… overall, it definitely isn’t bad and I can stand to hear what the rest of the album is going to sound like.

Sofia Reyes is the first artist to sign with Prince Royce’s new label, so it is interesting to watch where Sofia goes with this. You can check the song out on our Spotify new music November playlist.

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