Sin Prisa – “Amanece” (2014)

Between a boy band and rock band, the guys of Sin Prisa give us their second album, “Amanece”. The recommendations on Spotify for the group Step Out told me about Sin Prisa and it seems right up my alley when it comes to music. Their music truly seems to be a combination of pop music from a boy band standpoint, but hard enough for them to be classified as a rock band. If it wasn’t for the harmony of the five members, I would place them in the category for boybands.

The group is made up of the members Jorge Hostench, Vicent Guillem, Carles Vila, Juanjo Vidal and Rubén Sancho and hail from Spain. Recently, I have been finding lots of decent bands from Spain that I am truly enjoying. Sin Prisa was formed in 2008 with their first album “Sinprisa” being released in 2010. They became a big local band in Spain performing over 60 concerts. Still considered an indie band, the group’s new album “Amanece” has been made available on Spotify and iTunes Spain and the US. This is good because I can see them doing as well like bands Alison and even La Ley, though the group’s softer rock sound might make it a little harder to catch the rock crowd, but it might be easier to make it Top 40.

Across the board, their music on “Amanece” is consistently good without having anything glaringly wrong with it. I don’t think I have anything negative to say about the album. It’s honestly straight-up good. Period. I am impressed with this little band from Spain. Let’s hope we can see them be able to jump from a local band to have more widespread success. I seriously think they can, especially with more songs like “Ojos De Diablo”, which is a terrific song.

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