Ricky Martin – “Life” (2005)

Digging up through the music vault for something to listen to, I pulled Ricky Martin, who is a favorite of mine. I was oddly drawn to the album, “Life”, which was from 2005. Life is not one of Ricky’s most popular albums; honestly, it is probably one of the least favorites from his discography.

The album was released 5 years after Ricky’s “Sound Loaded” and his popular hit “She Bangs”. The sad part of the timing of this album is that for the American market, Ricky had become a joke and his popularity had already run its course. So Life really wasn’t going to have much life of its own.

Ricky shed his “pretty boy” look for a scruffy tattooed look which I guess was a combination of Ricky starting to find himself and trying to fit in with what was on the radio. His music took a turn from traditional pop and grew an edgy sound where he recorded duets with Urban performers like Daddy Yankee and Fat Joe. He seemed to be following what everyone else was doing.

When the album originally was released, I hated the album. It was like Ricky sold out. I called it “Ricky From The Block”… It took years before I was actually able to appreciate the album for what it was/is, especially after reading Ricky’s autobiography. You realized that Ricky was lost and looking for his own self.

Now certain songs are just not my cup of tea, like “Drop It On Me”, but songs like “Til I Get To You”, “Save The Dance” and “It’s Alright” are truly great songs that need to talk about and not pushed to die in an album that is overshadowed by his most popular hits.

The album, overall, is pretty decent if you can overlook the urban sound that Ricky was experimenting with at the time. Seeing Ricky finally take writing credit for most of the album is great and shows that Ricky was taking an active part in his career versus listening to the “man” all the time. If you haven’t given Life a chance, I say do it… You might find a couple of favorites within these 12 songs.