Paulina Rubio – “Brava!” (2011)

Oh Paulina! You used to be so good…

Brava!, which was released in 2011, is Paulina’s second bilingual album, the first being Border Girl, where Paulina decided that she wanted more fame than her Latin American success.

Paulina stepped on the auto-tune bandwagon and used it more than she should have especially because she can sing. I don’t think decent singers should ruin their good sound when they don’t have to but then again, the youth of today thinks that “tinge” is awesome and the more the better.

The album starts off with “Me Gustas Tanto”, which is not as bad as some songs, especially “All Around The World”, which just has bad lyrics, to begin with. It is just not a good song, but I have to say it sticks in your head like a bad headache.

The third song, “Casate Con Tu Mama” is honestly not bad and has a decent rhythm without too much autotune added. It has a few island rhythms as does “Olvidate De Mi”. I think my favorite from the album is “Sabes Que Te Amo” which tries to be a ballad, but its club-like music cancels the slowness needed. She duets with Taboo in the song “Hoy Me Toca A Mi” where he is more auto-tuned than she is.

Why do Paulina’s English songs have to have such bad lyrics? “Heat of The Night” is a high auto-tuned club dance song. It seems that the songs that Paulina is releasing for the US market are geared to Top 40 radio, which is just not good at the moment.

Overall, Paulina can do better but I understand that you have to market to your music buying demographic, even if they have a bad taste in music. Paulina has always been one who can transform her music and style to what is on the top of the charts to stay relevant and we know we have to get through the bad music in order to see where she goes next. We are still watching Pau!

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